Industrial LED lighting
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Industrial LED lighting
Industry lighting design, including indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, station, field lighting, underground lighting, road lighting, security lighting, barrier lighting, LED Panel Light etc.

At this time,Our main Industry Lighting include:LED High Bay Light,LED Gas Station Light,LED Flood Light,LED Tri-proof Light,LED Tube Light,LED Street Light etc.

Factory is the production of established products, generally by the plant, office and other ancillary space, all kinds of outdoor devices, stations, fields, roads and other components.

(1) indoor lighting: the factory interior lighting and office and other ancillary use of internal lighting.
(2) outdoor device lighting: outdoor lighting for various devices set up. Such as the open field of the shipbuilding industry, the ketones of the petrochemical enterprises, the reaction towers of the building materials enterprises, the rotary kilns of the building materials enterprises, the corridors of the corridors, the blast furnace of the metallurgical enterprises, the ladder, the platform, the gas tank of the power station, Substation of the outdoor variable, power distribution devices, outdoor pump station cooling rack (tower) and outdoor ventilation and dust removal equipment, such as lighting.
(3) Station lighting: station, railway marshalling station, parking lot, open yard and other settings of the lighting.
(4) underground lighting: basement, cable tunnel, integrated corridor and tunnel lighting.
(5) road lighting: factory road and other road lighting.
(6) guard lighting: along the surrounding area and focus areas around the guard area set up lighting.
(7) obstruction lighting: the plant is equipped with high construction, structures, such as chimneys, according to regional aviation conditions, according to the relevant provisions of the need to install the logo lighting.
According to the characteristics of product production, industrial plants can be divided into the following three types.
(1) general production plant: the normal environment of the production plant.
(2) Explosion and fire hazards Production plants: Plants that normally produce or store explosions and fires.
(3) Production plants in harsh environments: dusty, humid, high temperature or there is steam, vibration, smoke, acid and alkali corrosive gases or substances, there are radioactive material production plant.
led gas station light