Commercial LED Lighting
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Commercial LED Lighting
Commercial lighting is originated from the birth of public commercial establishments, and serve the needs of commercial lighting and business.At present,our main commercial Lighting includes LED Down Light,LED Ceiling Light,LED Spot Light,LED Track Light,LED Tube Light,2G11 LED Tubes,LED Plug Light etc

At present, commercial lighting mainly uses the following places:
(1) department stores: sales of many types, multi-color varieties (mainly industrial products).
(2) shopping malls: civilian goods store or shopping malls.
(3) professional stores: the sale of a certain type of goods stores, such as clothing stores, electrical stores, pharmacies and so on.
(4) vegetable market categories: sales of food, meat, eggs, aquatic and non-staple food field, shop.
(5) optional shopping malls: open to the customer, you can directly select the goods, according to the price of payment (supermarket) business premises.
(6) joint shopping malls: focus on the shops, booths in the business premises, but also with the department store business hall coexist or accompanied by food, repair and other service shops.
(7) Walking commercial street: for people shopping, eating, entertainment, beauty, rest and so set the pedestrian street. The pedestrian street prohibits driving without permission.

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