Perimeter LED Display
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Perimeter LED Display
The cabinet of perimeter led display is designed with a unique changeble angle, and our screen can adjust the inclination angle (75 ° ~ 90 °) of the cabinet according to the different requirements,therefore, all the viewers can see the contents of the grograms.

★The screen with a soft mask and the upper cover soft material, both to protect the led lights not be damaged by the ball hit.
★The use of efficient fiber optic transmission system, effectively reducing the distance on the football field transmission signal caused by the phenomenon of delay, to ensure the consistency of the screen play.
★With dual network cable hot backup function, two computers at the same time control a screen, when a computer problems, another computer automatically replace, to ensure that the display work properly.
★Waterproof effect, with IP65 degree of protection, so that the display in the rainy weather can continue to work for you.
★With a dedicated stadium playing software, so you are very easy to score management, program playback, advertising and program table editing
★High up to 4800Hz refresh rate to meet the needs of dynamic shooting on the playground, effectively avoid the shooting when the flicker
Cabinet design feature:
1.  Convenient to install and disassemble
Our cabinets feature simple designs, making them easy-to-install and disassemble. The cabinets include interlo-cks, as well as external signal and power sockets.
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2. Adjustable inclination angle
Generally, the LED perimeter banner display is placed vertically and the inclination angle is adjustable for the best possible viewing and camera shooting angles.

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3. Now we also have some new model of diecasting aluminum perimeter led display.FOR any demand,please visit 
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